Jeff Meyer is the Managing Partner of Pathfinder, the 2,100-megawatt wind and gas energy project located in Platte County, Wyoming. He is also the Managing Partner of the Sweetwater River Conservancy, which is comprised of 710,000 acres of Central Wyoming’s historic Sweetwater country. The Conservancy is dedicated to enhancing Wyoming’s wildlife, habitat and cultural resources in concert with developing Wyoming’s energy, oil, gas and other energy reserves.

Jeff’s business background is diverse and reflective of his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the environment. His life’s work is a combination of helping communities while improving the surrounding natural and cultural resources. He’s a leader in developing large-scale, master planned projects that are mutually beneficial to businesses, communities and natural resources.

The combined visions of Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy and the Sweetwater River Conservancy will help Wyoming ranchers, businesses and communities. Simultaneously, it’s an effort to protect important wildlife habitat and cultural resources like the Oregon Trail, while ensuring the long-term presence of Wyoming ranch families across the landscape. The Sweetwater River Conservancy, headquartered on the historic Pathfinder Ranch, spans numerous miles of the historic trails corridor and associated pioneer landmarks.

Jeff, a Wyoming resident, enjoys exploring the historical treasurers and abundant natural resources on the Pathfinder Ranch and surrounding area. “I love Wyoming,” says Jeff. As a boy growing up in Iowa Jeff dreamt of living in the West. “Wyoming is an amazing place and I’ve enjoyed my time here. I’ve met some great people, both my neighbors in Sweetwater country and those from other parts of the state.”

In 1980 Jeff graduated from Vanderbilt University with degrees in business and American history. While attending college he met his wife Anne. The couple recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Jeff and Anne have two sons, Forest and Scott.