Operating Characteristics

Pathfinder's 317 MW Hybrid Bulk Energy Storage project offers:

  • Bulk capacity: up to 54 hours of generation (16,658 MWh)
  • Fast start up: Start up to full load (317 MW) within 10 minutes; start up to full compression in 4 minutes
  • Fast ramping: 64 MW/min generation; 78 MW/min storage with two units
  • Operating ranges of 9-100% for generation, 65-110% for storage
  • Ability to operate in both storage and minimal generation modes simultaneously, which delivers maximum ancillary capabilities
  • Grid inertia stability (frequency response) by providing transmission operators the benefit of four separate rotating generators

By minimizing the inefficient dispatch of thermal resources, Pathfinder reduces production costs and lowers GHG emissions across the power system.